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The meaning of dance to you?

Tracie baker – hip hop dance instructor

In my opinion dance it is art and everything to me. It can be also a stress reliever, when you dance you can relax and calm your mind down. It is an area for me to perform my talents, a form of area that I can be creative and express my feelings and emotions. It have become a passion for me sort of like an addiction, When I dance I will be happy If not I will have the urge to dance! Of course dance can also be a form of career it is where income comes in  I’m a dance instructor and choreographer. I can say that dance have revolves my entire life I like it so much in this world. It not only brings me happiness and excitement, It teaches lots of valuable values that are important. Needless to say I have the passion to teach others, seeing my students getting better at dance and enjoying themselves gives me a sense of satisfaction. My life involves dance. It’s the first thing I think about when I woke up in the morning. 😛

Elizabeth jones – dance performer

ballet dancingWhat is dance to me? Well for me dance is about getting away! When I dance I feel free just like a bird flying in the sky. It is a form of escape for me, life is stressful and hectic hence dancing has become a norm for me to shed off the negative thoughts. As I dance there are no negative thoughts In my head and It not fail to makes me smile. It also makes me glad that my dance is able to influence others; the audience will always be smiling and enjoying the show. Dance have become a huge part of me, I cannot live without it.

John smith – ballet dance student

Dance is fun! It’s my favorite activity; it is a way of communication for me to tell others about my stories. I always think that dance is able to convey some messages and ideas to the others, for instance a hip hop dance involves a high level of body movement and It is a powerful way of showing others that you are energetic and full of life. And there is the ballet dance! Ballet is a very beautiful dance style where you can display a performance that portrays the elegance of a dance. Not only has that, dancing helped me to grow closer to people. I got to know about people, dance with them and know them more. It is easy to know strangers through activity like dancing

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