The meaning of dance to you?

Tracie baker – hip hop dance instructor In my opinion dance it is art and everything to me. It can be also a stress reliever, when you dance you can relax and calm your mind down. It is an area for me to perform my talents, a form of area that I can be creative […]

A ballet dance video

Hmm ballet dance?

Having the ability to sit in the splits just isn’t a prerequisite to advancing in ballet, having the flexibility to face with a neutral spine is an advantage. And exactly what does that contain about the finer specifics of ballet technique conducive to dancing in pointe shoes? Basic fundamentals of ballet exercises start with posture, […]

Tasty pizza!

Yess! The staple food for me. Not only does it taste good, but it is also so damn convenient. The neighborhood pizza delivery place incorporates a “acquire one, buy one free” offer I have been abusing within the past while. It helps make the whole thing a lot cheaper when you experience few friends chipping […]

Current goals!

-Finish up all my assignment -Prepare for upcoming competition -Do the laundry -Get a gift for my little brother! -Meet up with gfs soon!

Lazy song by bruno mars!

Feeling lazy :/

Waking up with a bang

A cheerful tuesday to everyone! Time is very moving fast! With the much stuff occurring though, it’s no surprise time is flying personally. I have an amazing weekend and spent the vast majority of yesterday hoping to get involved the groove with the work-week. I became up fairly early today, then just as I obtained […]