Tasty pizza!

Yess! The staple food for me. Not only does it taste good, but it is also so damn convenient. The neighborhood pizza delivery place incorporates a “acquire one, buy one free” offer I have been abusing within the past while. It helps make the whole thing a lot cheaper when you experience few friends chipping […]

Current goals!

-Finish up all my assignment -Prepare for upcoming competition -Do the laundry -Get a gift for my little brother! -Meet up with gfs soon!

Lazy song by bruno mars!

Feeling lazy :/

Waking up with a bang

A cheerful tuesday to everyone! Time is very moving fast! With the much stuff occurring though, it’s no surprise time is flying personally. I have an amazing weekend and spent the vast majority of yesterday hoping to get involved the groove with the work-week. I became up fairly early today, then just as I obtained […]

A great article on dance!

Well don’t be worried about it! I’m going to share good info around the great things about dance. I’m hoping the info here could get you enlightened and motivate you to begin with on dancing! How come I dance? Taking dance lesson not just allowing you to physical fit but there’s also other benefits! How […]

Fufilling day!

Have a great run yesterday! Today met with some of the girlfriends and we went to do some window shopping.It’s been quite a while since our last gathering! Bought myself a new bag and also a gif t for Corrine’s birthday! Heheh can’t wait to see her happy face when she receive her gift ^^

A good morning

Going for a run soon to refresh myself Been awhile since my last run I have gain several pounds from all the good food in the past few week got to lose some weight!